Stay Hard Cream

The Stay Hard Cream website advertises the product specifically as a topical product that is designed to decrease the chances of premature ejaculation, thus prolonging the erection and the sexual experience itself.

One thing for the consumer to be aware of is that many topical ingredients will actually desensitize the penis, rendering it able to maintain the erection, but unable to experience the sensations that should go along with any form of sexual contact. For this reason, this may not be the best option for most men.


The Stay Hard Cream website simply lists the sole active ingredient as Benzocaine. Benzocaine is believed to desensitize the penis and temporarily delay ejaculation, thereby prolonging the erection and sexual experience. There may be other ingredients, but the makers of Stay Hard Cream are not inclined to disclose them to the consumer at this time.


The Stay Hard Cream product comes in one ounce tubes of a topical cream that can be applied right before sexual activity. Benzocaine appears to have no known side effects. Compared to other male sexual health products, the low price of $7 per tube is very inexpensive.


One of the biggest drawbacks to this product will be to those who are seeking an all natural, or holistic, approach to improving the sexual or reproductive abilities. This testosterone supplement contains none of the most common ingredients found in the top rated male sexual health products, Epimedium, a supplement known to prolong erections and increase stamina. Stay Hard Cream will most likely only provide a temporary solution to the problem that may be ongoing.

Review Summary

The Stay Hard Cream website is non-informative at best. There is no information about men’s sexual health issues. The information about the product itself is minimal and there is no money back guarantee offered. Some credibility about the effectiveness of the product could be developed if the company would offer some sort of a money back guarantee. Because Stay Hard Cream contains benzocaine, the consumer may be dissatisfied with the numbing effect. Some value could be added by the incorporation of a few other effective ingredients that could increase the male sex drive or the frequency and intensity of erections. Also, the desensitization of the penis by this topical cream may actually defeat its own purpose because it will reduce the amount of enjoyment gained by it use.

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