There really is not too much gray area when one considers the name of the product Spermamax. According to the manufacturer, Spermamax works to enhance a male’s sperm count, individual sperm health, and increase sperm motility.

Apparently, the scientists involved in the development of Spermamax have put together a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and natural herbs that will take a man’s sperm to new heights. By increasing the amount, quality and motility of sperm, orgasms and ejaculations will be more intense, self confidence will rise, and, as the Spermamax website so eloquently puts it, allow you to “ejaculate like a porn star.”


The list of ingredients in Spermamax is long with only a couple of surprises. Vitamins C, E, B6, and B12 are present along with Zinc and folic acid. No real connection is really made between these ingredients and the products claims relating to sperm outside of the every day benefits of taking these substances. Included also are two herbs, Green Tea and Dong Quai. The many benefits of green tea as an herb are reviewed in the Spermamax, but these benefits are not correlated with what the product claims to do. The same holds true for Dong Quai, an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat conditions such as PMS, poor circulation and hypertension. Dong Quai also helps in the production and oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells. How this pertains to sperm is never explained. Certain amino acids are also present in Spermamax, apparently to aid in spermatogenesis, the process by which sperm is created.


When one reviews the substantial list of ingredients in Spermamax, there is no denying the potential health benefits of the product. As a broad herbal supplement, Spermamax would do well in supplying some of the elements necessary for the body to function properly. There is also a money back guarantee available if the consumer is not completely satisfied.


Without any sort of clinical evidence to back up the product’s claims, there is no real convincing evidence that would point to the conclusion that Spermamax enhances a male’s sperm count, individual sperm health, and increase sperm motility. The Spermamax website itself does not make any sort of connection between the ingredients and their impact on sperm. There isn’t even any mention as to how a higher sperm count will enhance sexual intensity.

Review Summary

It is a fact that most men that are infertile do not know they are until they have a sperm count completed in a lab. Infertile men do not report a decrease in orgasm intensity or sexual performance. This would seem to fly in the face of Spermamax’s claims. Whether or not the product can improve a man’s sex life is hard to prove given the information at hand, but common sense would dictate that faster sperm, and more of them, is not the key to a better sex life.

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