Sustanol is yet another herbal supplement that is formulated to enhance and improve the male sexual experience.

At some point one might thing that the executives of companies that manufacture products like Sustanol sit in the boardroom facing a giant dartboard. Spread throughout the dartboard is the names of countless herbs and traditional remedies that can be found in countless commercial male enhancement supplements. The executives, after deciding the what one or two key ingredients (the ingredients that actually impact male sexual performance) they will put into the product, each pick up their darts and take turns firing away at the dartboard in order to complete the list of additives. How else could there be so many different products with so many different ingredients, all claiming to do the same thing? It isn’t as though Sustanol is ineffective. It contains ingredients common to many effective male sexual enhancement supplements. But, like most other supplements, after the one or two key ingredients it is anybody’s guess as to what to expect.


The herb yohimbe is popular in male enhancement supplements. Derived from the yohimbe tree native to western Africa, yohimbe has been shown to be an effective treatment of erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe acts in pretty much the same way as the active ingredient in prescription medications such as Viagra. Like Viagra, yohimbe is believed to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, the catalyst responsible for the proper blood flow necessary for a full erection. Eurycoma Longifolia, or longjack, is used for its purported ability to maximize the body’s use of testosterone. This efficient use of testosterone is believed to boost sexual function and endurance. The remainder of ingredients is a list of the usual suspects. All of the ingredients do have some specific purpose, according to the manufacturer.


The advantages of using Sustanol are similar to the advantages of many of its competitors in the male enhancement supplement market. Although the Sustanol website itself does not report on any clinical findings relating to the product, many other studies are available that attest to the ingredients found in Sustanol.


Unlike most other supplements, the makers of Sustanol do not offer any sort of introductory offers outside of special pricing for bulk orders. There is also no money back guarantee. Like most supplements of its kind, Sustanol takes time to reach full effectiveness, usually around two weeks.

Review Summary

When choosing a testosterone booster, the consumer will be faced with a multitude of choices. Because the ingredients of most male enhancement supplements are quite similar, other factors might enter in to the consumer’s decision process. Sustanol as a product may be just as effective as most, but without any sort of introductory offers or money-back guarantees, it may find itself left behind some of its more enterprising competitors.

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